JoeGym does not have any trainers on staff. Below is a list of trainers in the area that have access to the gym in Spencerville to provide training on your request. Please contact them directly if you wish to learn more about their services or to arrange a session.

Steve Pelehos
CanFitPro Personal Trainer


With a lifetime of athletic experience and a personal fitness journey that has drastically changed his life, Steve delivers a drive and passion to share his experience and knowledge with the world around him.  After successfully losing over 120lbs and conditioning himself for a lifetime of fitness, Steve has pursued many educational opportunities to make the fitness industry his life in order to help others achieve their goals of an overall healthier lifestyle.

With a desire to constantly learn and be challenged, Steve dedicates himself to building strong relationships with his clients while offering in-depth personal fitness and lifestyle programming with a fun, progressive, and supportive approach.

Whether you are looking for a new program to follow or someone to help motivate you through your workouts Steve can help you out!
Steve can be contacted (613) 406-1616 or for more details.


  • canfitpro PRO TRAINER (PTS, CPR, AED)



Shannon Peddell (Campeau)
Personal Trainer

 Shannon Peddell Campeau

Shannon has been involved in the fitness industry for over 10 years and has been personal training for 7 years.  She graduated with honours from Algonquin College’s Fitness and Health Promotion in 2007, where she soon got hired on as a full-time Fitness and Wellness Coordinator.

Shannon is a certified personal trainer through the Can-Fit-Pro.  She also has certifications in Kettlebell training and Kickboxing and specializes in bootcamp training.

Whether you are looking for a new program to follow or someone to help motivate you through your workouts Shannon can help you out!

1 hours sessions are $40 or 10 sessions for $350

Please contact her at or 613-868-0939

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