A Gym for the Average Joe

What makes JoeGym different?

We provide a stress free workout environment for the Spencerville community.

It doesn’t matter if you can lift 50lbs or 500lbs, have been working out for a decade or it’s your first time, JoeGym is the gym for you.

Everyone’s goal is to improve and we all deserve that opportunity.

No Contracts & No Annual Memberships

Come by JoeComputer at 14 Centre Street to purchase your monthly membership today. Say goodbye to the contracts and annual memberships at other gyms and join no strings attached!

Safe Training Environment

The gym is key card secured, and monitored with cameras for your protection. Secure lockers are available for rent. A fridge with refreshments is located at the window.

Working out alone?

Wear the LifeAlert necklace. If you need medical assistance that button will notify paramedics immediately. It’s located at the window next to the refreshments.

Beverage Prices:
Nestle Water 500ml- 1.00 |G2 Gatorade 589ml- 1.75

Train at Your own Pace.

This is a BYOT facility (Bring Your Own Trainer). Looking for a trainer? Click here for some of the communities local and reputable trainers.

Are YOU a trainer and would like to be featured on our website? Contact us at 613-658-2314.

Get Rewarded for Being Healthy.

Check back often for monthly membership promotions and contests.

When you sign up for your 10th month receive the 11th free with our JoeGym loyalty card.

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