Membership Packages

** Now at JoeGym**
Buddy & Couple Membership: $65/month

Other Fees:
$20 Smart Card Deposit one time fee at sign up.
$5/month for Locker rental.

Membership Info

There are NO contracts or annual membership. You have the option to renew every month or have your membership renewed automatically. Your membership can be purchased at JoeComputer at 14 Centre Street during store hours. 9:00am-6:00pm. Liability Waiver must be signed by members. Locker rentals must be registered at sign up as well.

Access to Facility via Swipe Card 5am- 11pm. Minimum age of 14 years. Members under 18 years of age – liability waiver must be signed by member and parental guardian.

**This is a train at your own pace facility. No staff or trainers onsite.**

Call JoeComputer Inc at 613-658-2314 for more information.


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